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Frequently Asked Questions

Diopter in optics is a unit for measuring the optical force of a lens. 

Nearsightedness, also called myopia (from Greek: myopia, myopia, meaning myopia) is a type of anomaly, reduced visual acuity, where the image occurs in front of the retina.
The reason for this is either the protruding eyeball, which causes the falling rays to break before reaching the retina, or a variety of irregularities in the cornea itself, leading to incorrect and chaotic refraction of the rays. For this reason, people with this defect see as misty as misty. They see a lot better around than far. 

Hypermetropia (Hypermetropia) reduces visual acuity due to less eyeball length or less refractive power of the ophthalmic lens. The image occurs behind the retina and if the violation is poor, it is compensated by accommodation. As aging progresses, accommodation is weakened, age-old (presbyopia) is getting. Kidney scarring is usually a congenital anomaly of the refractive power of the eye and affects visual acuity when viewed away and to a much greater extent by watching nearby.

Presbyopia (a Greek ambassador, an "old man"), also known as senior farsightedness, is a condition of the eyes, which usually begins to develop after the age of 40 and progresses to 60 years of age. At the initial stage of presbyopia development, alterations lead to reduced visual acuity when viewing nearby (35-50 cm). With further development of presbyopia, these changes may also reduce visual acuity when viewed away, as this is more often due to overlapping hidden hyperopia. Depending on the level of presbyopia development, close-range goggles, mid-range (70cm - 1.5m) and far-field goggles are defined. In this age range, each person needs to check their eyesight with an ophthalmologist and adjust their glasses in a timely fashion every 1-1.5 years.
Presbyopia is not a disease and should not be seen as eye aging. This is a normal process and the smallest problem in ophthalmic practice. 

How can I order?
Choose item (s) and quantity
Click "Buy Now" button
Choose a payment method
If you do not have a registration, you need to enter delivery data, if desired and invoice.
Next to the photo and description of each product there is a button "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart". Pressing the Buy Now button saves the selected product in your virtual "Consumer Cart". Here you can directly purchase or continue browsing the site. In case you want to continue shopping you can choose an "Add to Cart" button. For your convenience, your shopping cart is always located in the upper right corner of the menu. The contents of the shopping cart are saved until you decide to switch to the selected products. You can browse the contents of the basket, add new products, or remove those you do not want.
The price quoted is for a product number, including VAT.
Orders on the site are accepted 24 hours a day.
Choose a payment method from the drop-down menu. The store has a payment method - with debit / credit card and payment upon delivery (cash on delivery).
Pressing the "Send Order" button takes you to the ordering process, which includes:
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If you do not wish to send the product to the address specified during the registration, you must enter the new data.
If you want an invoice to be issued to you, after pressing the "YES" button the invoice data fields are also filled in.
Once you have specified the shipping address, click the "Send Order"
If you have a PROMO CODE it is entered in the specified place of the order before you press
button "send order" After selecting a payment method and make sure that the data you are sending
you have provided correct entries, click the "Confirm and Finalize Order" button.

How to order a gift voucher
You can order a gift voucher by selecting a voucher theme: birthday, christmas or simply as a gift. Fill in the recipient's name and email. Your name and email are also required. You can, if you want to save a message for the recipient. Payment of the voucher is via Direct Credit / Debit card payment, subject to the same terms as when ordering a product from the site. You can see the conditions at Payment. 

What kind of payment can I use to make my purchase?
We offer the following payment methods:
Payment by debit or credit card (MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Visa Electron, Visa, American Express, PAY, MY POS). DOES NOT RESERVE AND DO NOT RECEIVE DATA ON YOUR CARD.
Payment by bank transfer: payment of the due amount is made by bank transfer to the bank account specified by in
Raiffeisenbank: IBAN BG73 RZBB 9155 1007 9445 76.
Upon receipt of the goods, you owe nothing to the courier for the product (s), for orders over 100.00 BGN
Payment on delivery (cash on delivery): upon receipt of your order, you pay the amount due to the courier. 

How can we protect our eyes from the computer?
The sources of blue sunlight, artificial lighting and the most influential devices with digital display: laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, LED / LCD TV and more.
Blue light is one of the reasons for the increase in age-matched macular degeneration (AMD) patients.
In this connection, a new generation of coatings has been developed, which blocks the blue spectrum to 100% and prevents blue light from penetrating to the bottom of the eye and causing damage.
It is especially important for children to wear glasses with such protection, as studies show that prolonged exposure of the child's eyes to blue light leads to unlocking of myopia.
The special gloss-reducing protective coating, providing outstanding contrast when working with a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, LED / LCD displays, artificial LED lighting, and driving.

How can I measure my interplanar distance?
You can measure it using a line and a mirror.
Place the beginning of the line just below the center of the pupil, look straight ahead and read the distance to the center of the other pupil. The same distance can be measured if you measure the distance from the beginning of one to the beginning of the other pupil. Ask your relative to measure your interplanar distance with a ruler.
In the event that you are going to have a look at it, ask your eye care professional to measure and prescribe your interplanar distance.

How do I read my prescription for glasses?
The Eyewear Recipe is a table of values ​​describing the adjustment you need.
The table consists of two rows, one for the right eye and one for the left eye.
Four columns that contain information about the value of the necessary adjustment.
Sph or Sphere describes the value of your myopia or farsightedness -
values ​​can be positive (+) or negative (-).
Cyl or Cylinder describes the value of astigmatism -
values ​​can be positive (+) or negative (-).
Axis (Axx) records the astigmatic correction axis - measured in degrees from 0 ° to 180 °.
Add - add-on for close-range / mid-range glasses. Determine depending on what you need or
daily reading distance, computer work, etc. It is written for reading glasses, bifocal or progressive glasses.
Sph + Add = The sum of your diopter to close. If there is astigmatism (Cyl), its value remains unchanged.
O.D. - means the right eye
O.S. - means the left eye
PD (Dp) or Pupillary Distance - Intergonal distance is the distance between the centers of the two pupils measured in millimeters,
ranges between 54 and 70 mm. The intersection distance is necessary for the correct manufacture of all types of dioptric glasses.
In the event that additional questions arise or you find it difficult to handle an order - please ask us personally by e-mail, phone, facebook and others.
Which is the most convenient way for you!

What is a promo code and how can I use it?
Promo codes are different combinations of numbers and letters that give a discount or other product bonus on the site. They can be customized with a limit on the number of common or common codes that can be used by each client in a given period.
How can I get a promo code?
We distribute promo codes in many different ways:
- Online through our Facebook or Blog page
- At events we organize or participate in;
- By email to registered users for our newsletter
Do I see a promo code entry box, does that mean I have a promo code?
The promo code entry field is always visible when you complete an order, but that does not mean you have one. If you do not have a promo code, you probably will not find one when searching on the site or on Google, so you can just complete the order.
Can I finish an order without entering a promo code?
Yes, you can freely place an order without entering a promo code.
Can I enter two promo codes in one order?
No. You can only use one promo code for each order.
If you have two active promo codes, you can order the products in individual orders to use the relevant promo code.
When entering my promo code, my system is faulty. What can I do?
Typically, promo codes are valid for certain products and have a validity period - make sure the promo code used matches the type of products you order and is still valid. This information is usually described at the place where the relevant promo code - leaflet, mail or post in our social channels - is published. For example: - a promo code that discounts a certain brand of sunglasses, diopter frames, other items, will not apply to another brand or item.
Promo code can not be combined with other promotional products.
If the code should work but get an error, please contact us to investigate the problem.


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